Speech at the Gala dinner at Terrazza Caffarelli (October 25, 2014)

Minister Councelor Ms Doherty

President de Lama,

Dear fellow from 16 different Countries,

Dear guests,

We have almost reached the end of this intense and beautiful day and for me this is the right occasion for thanking you all, but particularly the Deputy Chief of Mission of US, the Minister Councelor Kathleen Doherty, who has been our perfect host yesterday evening, our President George de Lama, for the honor and the pleasure he has given us having accepted to be with us on the occasion of our event,

Gifty to George de Lama and to Ms Carrie de Lama

I thank all the foreign Fellows, among which so many friends, all the Italian Fellows, now become much more numerous than before, absolutely all present to our activities, and especially the members of the organizational Committee, thanks to their cooperation with me, we have been able to have in Rome such a beautiful event: Alberto Bernardini, Antonio Colombo, Maurizio Meschino, Camilla Sebastiani, Isabella Splendore, Giuseppe Noia.

But Two Fellows have given more: they have shared with us their knowledges and thoughts: Cristina Acidini and Maurizio Meschino


And thanks go also to some other wives, nieces, relatives, who have assisted us (and you) solving problems and avoiding any difficulty:

Call for gifts

Elizabeth Colombo, Paola Bernardini, Flaminia Marzano, Chiara Petrone, Allegra Sapio (all the hundreds of Photo done during this Weekend you could see and take from our site.

Finally a special thank to all the guests among wich I am pleased to thank Mr Giacobbe for the nice words he has dedicated to us.
Tomorrow the breakfast “in common” and, after, the workshop dedicated to EF programs and perspectives to which only the Fellows.

Rome October 25, 2014

Giuseppe Cassano