Speech at the dinner at Giuseppe Cassano's home (October 23, 2014)

I am sure I express also the feelings of all the Italian fellows when I extend to our President George de Lama warm appreciation and gratitude for his decision to come to Italy on occasion of our event and meet all the fellows gathered in Rome.

I think that his decision to visit Italy as one of the his first visits out of US, as President of EF, is a clear sign of carefulness and consideration of the Philadelphia general headquarters for the vitality that the Italian Fellows Association demonstrated in the last years.

True: we have selected candidates of unquestioned professionalism and quality; have organized 3 very successful Eisenhower Days (and the 4^ is coming); have participated to the main initiatives of the EF (I have to remind the Paris Conference on Energy); have been present to several initiatives of the network (for instance The Colombo Conference, the St. Louis Unconference or the two previous Social Weekends in London and The Hague); have intensified the relationship with Philadelphia and with the Associations of other countries.

Ours is a success story, but it has not always been so: I remember that from 2001 to 2009 we, Italy, had only one fellowship, in 2003 (Alberto). I have to say that our Association was not dead but certainly sleeping: we did’nt meet regularly, but neither occasionally, no activity planned nor implemented; we had a statute but it was only on paper.

Ours is a success story, but it has not always been so: I remember that from 2001 to 2009 we, Italy, had only one fellowship, in 2003 (Alberto). I have to say that our Association was not dead but certainly sleeping: we did’nt meet regularly, but neither occasionally, no activity planned nor implemented; we had a statute but it was only on paper.

Philadelphia noticed this and, as I have said, punished us: no more fellowships to Italy.

But the Eisenhower spirit was still alive, like the embers under the ash: it never dies: it has only to wait for the right occasion.

And the occasion showed itself during the Istanbul Conference in the 2006, to which I was participating: the last day a French Fellow, Frederic Mauro, told me: France and Italy have never organized a serious EF event: why don’t we organize, with also other countries, a Conference in Paris? Of course my answer was: I have to speak with my collegues in Italy: and this is what I did, on occasion of a party of the US Embassy where I met Antonio, our previous President Maccanico and Frey. The Challenge acted like a catalyzer in Chemistry: all of us decided suddenly: we have to revitalize our sleeping Association: let’s meet the other Italian Fellow and decide. The positive reaction was immediate: practically all the Fellows reacted accepting meetings and new engagements.

For describing the climate, this is the mail Giuseppe Noia sent to me when I was able to reach him and announcing the re-start of the Italian EF Association: a short mail which confirms what I have said : “I’ll be certainly with you: for so long I was confident somebody would reactivate the circuit (though admitting do not have done too much, myself.”

A sens of guilt?

From there, the success story starts: our answer to Mauro was, unanimously , Yes: I was appointed member of the organizational Committee in Paris, where I had to go seven-eight times and where I worked with people become great friends: Claude, Frederic, Chris – many of them are here in Rome - . We gave non only a managerial collaboration but we raised much more money than any other country, also more than France: Pres. Wolf told me that without the 100.000 dollars from Italy, it should have been impossible to organize the Paris Conference.

Our new vitality was rewarded, of course, from Philadelphia: the fist prize was in 2009: his name is Camilla, the first Italian Fellow after a lot of years; but after the first, in the following year we got a second, Ludovica, and the following year Isabella. Including 2009 and also next year 2015, six new fellows are bringing their enthusiasm and energy to the Association.

So, the Italian Association not only has been revitalized in terms of activity, but also in numerical terms: we are more and are more active.

Which lesson may we get from this?

Every Fellow mantains forever his EF experience in his mind and in his hearth. Our fellowship period has represented something of really important for each of us. For me, certainly, then the duration was 8 months and the reason is evident: but now the fellowship’s duration is much shorter: anyhow I remember that Isabella –coming from the stay in the US – told me “it has been by far the most important experience in my life” and Camilla added “also for me”.

Some time we may need a stimulus: and this stimulus has to come from Philadelphia, some time it is not necessary. In both case each Fellow never forgets to be an Eisenhower Fellow and you, President de Lama, have to know EF may count on him forever

Rome October 23, 2014

Giuseppe Cassano

Registration at Mediterraneo Hotel

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Speech at the reception/dinner at Villa taverna (October 24, 2014)

Minister Councelor Doherty, Ms McKay, Mr Giacobbe

Few words for expressing to you and to the US Ambassador Phillips, at present out of Rome, also on behalf of the Fellows members of our EF Association, our deep gratitude and thanks for having invited in this magnificent Residence all the participants to the EF Social Weekend.

I think that this invitation is a clear sign of the esteem and consideration The Eisenhower Fellowships and our Association of the Italian Eisenhower Fellows enjoy with the Embassy.

And it is for me a pleasure to read to the foreign Fellows, here for the Social Weekend, what the Cultural Attaché Nicholas J. Giacobbe has recently written about us:

”We have partnered with them on several occasions when their mission coincides with that of the Embassy and are involved in the selection of future fellows. We are honored to work with them and support them. The Embassy Public Affairs endorses the Eisenhower Fellows in their endeavors to further this community of international scholars”

The cooperation of the US Embassy with the Italian Eisenhower Fellows dates back to long ago.

I remember that, I was the !967 Fellow, on the successive year, the 1968, I was member of the nominating Committee whose works were held all in your Embassy.

And, since than, we have had many meeting occasions and a lot of concrete cooperation cases: among the last I like to remember the 3 Eisenhower Days organized in the recent years, to which we have got from the Embassy substantial support.

And now, allow me to introduce to you the EF President George de Lama whom we are honored to have with us on occasion of this beautiful event.

(After the George de Lama speech I ask the word for giving Ms Doherty a gift)

Rome October 24, 2014

Giuseppe Cassano

Reception/dinner at Villa Taverna, Residence of the US Ambassador to Italy

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Workshop: “Michelangelo, a giant of the arts of the High Renaissance”

Keynote speaker Cristina Acidini (Eisenhower Fellow 1997 and Superintendent of the Florence museum district)

Download Curriculum Vitae of Cristina Acidini

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Tour of Rome in double deck bus

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Visit to Capitoline Museum

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Speech at the Gala dinner at Terrazza Caffarelli (October 25, 2014)

Minister Councelor Ms Doherty

President de Lama,

Dear fellow from 16 different Countries,

Dear guests,

We have almost reached the end of this intense and beautiful day and for me this is the right occasion for thanking you all, but particularly the Deputy Chief of Mission of US, the Minister Councelor Kathleen Doherty, who has been our perfect host yesterday evening, our President George de Lama, for the honor and the pleasure he has given us having accepted to be with us on the occasion of our event,

Gifty to George de Lama and to Ms Carrie de Lama

I thank all the foreign Fellows, among which so many friends, now become much more numerous than before, all the Italian Fellows, absolutely all present to our activities, and especially the members of the organizational Committee, thanks to their cooperation with me, we have been able to have in Rome such a beautiful event: Alberto Bernardini, Antonio Colombo, Maurizio Meschino, Camilla Sebastiani, Isabella Splendore, Giuseppe Noia.

But Two Fellows have given more: they have shared with us their knowledges and thoughts: Cristina Acidini and Maurizio Meschino


And thanks go also to some other wives, nieces, relatives, who have assisted us (and you) solving problems and avoiding any difficulty:

Call for gifts

Elizabeth Colombo, Paola Bernardini, Flaminia Marzano, Chiara Petrone, Allegra Sapio (all the hundreds of Photo done during this Weekend you could see and take from our site.

Rome October 25, 2014

Giuseppe Cassano

Gala Dinner at Terrazza Caffarelli

Key note Speaker Maurizio Meschino (Eisenhower Fellow 1979 and Member of Consiglio di Stato): "Meeting in Rome: from the roots of the past to the innovation for the future"

Download Curriculum Vitae of Maurizio Meschino

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The Eisenhower Day Workshop


1) EF European Fellows Network (Antonio Colombo)

2) 2015 Women's Leadership Program (Diane Shoemaker)

3) Fellows Dialogue (George de Lama)

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Dinner at Antonio Colombo's home

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Registered participants

List of registered participants at the 2014 EF Social Weekend

EF PhiladelphiaNumber of participantsAccompanying person
Mr. Pres. George De Lama2 (with wife)Ms. Carrie de Lama
Ms. Pres. Diane Shoemaker2 (with husband)Mr. Donald Shoemaker
Name and SurnameNationYear of FellowshipNumber of participantsAccompanying person
Mr. Claude HenrionFrance19682 (with wife)Ms. Evelyn Henrion
Ms. Prof. Joyce O'ConnorIreland19892 (with husband)Mr. Patrick O'Connor
Ms. Mary WalshIreland19892 (with husband)Mr. Joe Stone
Ms. Dir. Elena KolovskayaRussia20011
Mr. Dr. Omar AljazyJordan20052 (with wife)Ms. Dalia El-Farouki Aljzay
Mr. Bernard BrizayFrance19772 (with wife)Ms. Brigitte Tournoy Brizay
Mr. Hasan Fetullah OzelciTurkey19742 (with wife)Ms. Joon Hilda Ozelci
Mr. Erik Da Costa BreyerBrazil 20092 (with wife)Ms. Andrea de Castro Juannes Da Costa Breyer
Mr. Fabio ColasantiEuropean Union19922 (with wife)Ms. Marianne Klingbeil
Ms. Pres. Hedwige PasquetFrance20001
Mr. Christofer FlintUK19902 (with wife)Ms. Elizabeth Flint
Mr. Pablo BereciartuaArgentina20032 (with wife)Ms. Carolina Petroni Berciartua
Ms. VPres. Diane MelleyUSA20012 (with husband)Mr. Brian Melley
Mr. Frederic MauroFrance20011
Ms. Pres. Heleena SavelaFinland20001
Mr. Angelo De Sa'Brazil19711
Susan BaragwanathNew Zealand19942 (with husband)Sir David Baragwanath
Mr. Dr. Tom FrawleyN. Ireland19891
Mr. Dan PascariuRomania19912 (with wife)Ms. Gilda Lazar Pascariu
Mr. Eduardo D'AguiarBrazil19961
Mr. Pres. Yilmaz ArgudenTurkey19932 (with wife)Ms. Didem Arguden
Mr. Pedro LainSpain19981
Mr. Calin-Andrei ZamfirescuRomania19962 (with wife)Ms. Ariana Aurelia Zamfirescu
Ms. Irina Anghel-EnescuRomania20082 (with husband)Mr. Daniel Adrian Enescu
Italian FellowsYear of FellowshipNumber of participantsAccompanying person
Mr. Prof. Giuseppe Cassano19671
Mr. Alberto Bernardini20032 (with wife)Ms. Paola Bernardini
Mr. Maurizio Meschino19792 (with wife)Ms. Ornella Meschino
Mr. Antonio Colombo19882 (with wife)Ms. Elizabeth Colombo
Mr. Mario Visco19931
Ms. Camilla Sebastiani20091
Mr. Giuseppe Noia19961
Ms. Ludovica Rizzotti20101
Mr. Prof. Luigi Ferrari Bravo19691
Mr. Mario Morcone19902 (with wife)Ms. Annapaola Morcone
Ms. Pia Marconi19981
Ms. Prof. Cristina Acidini19971
Ms. Isabella Splendore20111
Ms. Prof. Benedetta Craveri19811
Mr. Prof. Marco Frey20001
Ms. Rosalba Striani20151

Statistical data on participation

A first statistical analysis of the participation to the III EF Social Weekend is now possible

  • Registered Fellows: 40
  • Their participating partners: 20
  • In total Fellows and partners amount to 60 (not counting EF President and staff)
  • Represented Countries: 16

Countries with more participation (fellows + partners)

  • Italy: 16+4
  • France: 4+2
  • Brazil: 3+1
  • Ireland: 2+2
  • Turkey: 2+2
  • Turkey: 2+2
  • Romania 3+3
  • with 2 participants (1+1): Jordan, UK, Argentina, USA, New Zealand, UE
  • with only one participant (1+0): Russia, Finland, Northern Ireland, Spain

  • The represented years of Fellowships: 27

Years with major participation (so favouring meetings among co-Fellows)

  • 1989: 3+2 = 5 ( Joyce O’Connor, Mary Walsh, Tom Frawley)
  • 2001: 3+1 = 4 (Elena Kolovskaya, Frederic Mauro, Diane Melley)
  • 1996: 3+1= 4 (Eduardo d’Aguyar, Calin Zamfirescu, Giuseppe Noia)
  • 1990: 2+2 = 4 (Chris Flint, Mario Morcone)
  • 2003: 2+2 = 4 (Pablo Bereciartua, Alberto Bernardini)
  • 1993: 2+1 = 3 (Yilmaz Arguden, Mario Visco)
  • 2000: 3+0 = 3 (Heleena Savela, Hedwige Pasquet, Marco Frey)
  • 2009: 2+1 = 3 (Erik da Costa Breyer, Camilla Sebastiani)
  • 1998: 2+0 = 2 (Pedro Lain, Pia Marconi)

  • Years represented by one Fellow + partner: 10

  • Years represented by one Fellow alone (without partner): 8

  • The 3 more distant represented Fellowships years: 1967 – 1968 -1969

  • The 3 more recent represented fellowships years: 2009 - 2010 - 2011 (2015)

The 60 years since the EF creation, considered by decades (the first, too much distant, excluded), are so represented by the 40 Fellows and 20 partners (this is a sign of the long lasting Eisenhower spirit. But att. to the last decade, with a significant slowing dawn):

  • 1964 – 1973: 4 fellows + 1 partner = 5 participants
  • 1974 – 1983: 4 fellows + 3 partners = 7 participants
  • 1984 – 1993 : 10 fellows + 8 partners = 18 participants
  • 1994 – 2003 : 15 fellows + 4 partners = 19 participants
  • 2004 – 2015 : 6 fellows (*) + 2 partners = 8 participants

(*) of which 3 Italian

Rome October 16, 2014

Giuseppe Cassano

Download the folder with all information about III EF Social Weekend 2014