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Communication and Journalism in the digital era

Third Eisenhower Day Italy 2013

The Italian EF Association organized on October 21, 2013 the Third EF Day with a round-table on "Communication and Journalism in the digital era". The theme was introduced by Prof Emilio Mazzoletti, of the American Studies Center, by the EF Association Pres. Giuseppe Cassano, by the Fellow Isabella Splendore and developed by the main speaker John Della Volpe, coming from the Harvard Institute of Politics. Luca Sofri, Director of Il, Angela Mills Wade of the European Publishing Council, Mario Tedeschini Lalli of the Online News Association and Massimo Russo of Wired Italia were the discussion panel of the round-table.

Giuseppe Cassano

Isabella Splendore

Emilio Mazzoletti, Giuseppe Cassano, Isabella Splendore and John Della Volpe

Internet and Democracy

Second Eisenhower Day Italy 2010

On November 19, 2010, the EF Association organized the second EF Day with a round-table on the following very important subject: "Is the Internet Changing people's Engagement in Democracy?". The theme was introduced by the Pres. Sen. Antonio Maccanico and developed by the Fellow Camilla Sebastiani, by the Chief Blogger of the election campaign for Pres. Obama Sam Graham-Felsen and by a well known Italian journalist Beppe Severgnini.

The Eisenhower period - Lessons for today

First Eisenhower Day 2009

The first EF Day was organized with the cooperation of the US Embassy and the American Studies Centre
On the 25th of February, the Italian EF Association had organized the first event dedicated to the Pres. Eisenhower

Rome, Centro Studi Americano, via M. Caetani, 32
It was our first EF Day: the theme: "The Eisenhower period - Lessons for today" , was introduced by the then President Sen. Antonio Maccanico and developed by a former Prime Minister of Italy, Sen. Giuliano Amato. Among the speakers: Prof. Alexander Bloom arrived from the US Wheaton College and two Italian prof. Mr. Tiziano Bonazzi and Mr. Leopoldo Nuti.

Past EF President Sen. Antonio Maccanico, Prof. Giuliano Amato, speaker Alexander Bloom, Prof. Tiziano Bonazzi