Mr. George de Lama will attend the event

Dear Giuseppe,
With great pleasure I write to accept your kind invitation to attend the Eisenhower Fellowships European Regional meeting in Rome from October 24-26.
I am delighted by the opportunity to meet you and your extraordinary EF colleagues in person and I look forward to participating in all the exciting events you have planned for that week. I am further delighted to say that my wife Carrie, an independent filmmaker, plans to accompany me to Italy, one of our favorite countries and home to some of our dearest friends.
Rome will be my third stop this fall as I begin my presidency of EF with a listening tour of Fellows around the world. I look forward to seeing firsthand the dynamic activities of the EF Italian Association of Fellows and to updating you on some of the EF programs and events being planned back here in Philadelphia. Mostly I look forward to listening to you and your colleagues and your ideas about how this distinguished organization can best adapt and evolve to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.
Grazie mille for your warm welcome and invitation. I look forward to meeting you and all your colleagues for what I am certain will be a fabulous conversation.
Warmest regards,
George de Lama President, Eisenhower Fellowships

Dear George,
It is a very great pleasure to have, next fall in Rome, the new Eisenhower Fellowships President, in one of his first visits to the many countries in wich EF is active.
As President of the Italian Association of EF Fellows I thank you very much for the words of appreciation you have used for the Italian Fellows: we try to keep alive the EF spirit absorbed during our fellowships.
Glad you are coming with your wife Carrie.
Of course we are going to book for you a room in the venue of the event, the Hotel Bettoja Mediterraneo where all the foreign Fellows are going to stay and where the workshops will be held.
I send copy of this mail also to our friends at the American Embassy: as you know, the EF Social Weekend starts with a cocktail dinner offered by the Embassy, proof of the prestige EF has in Italy.
Waiting for welcoming you in Rome,
all the best

Giuseppe Cassano, President, Associazione Italiana Eisenhower Fellows