On this page you can read the comments on the events of the Social Weekend held in Rome, posted by our Fellows

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Here you find all the relevant information about the weekend program.

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A Successful Weekend

Here you can find speeches, image galleries, list of participants and statistics about the whole Weekend

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Who we are, what we do

Eisenhower Fellowships identifies, empowers and links outstanding leaders from around the world helping them to achieve consequential outcomes across sectors and borders. EF provides a transformational experience leading to a lifetime engagement in a global network, where dialogue and collaboration make the world more prosperous, just and peaceful.

When in Rome...

Our Fellows traveling in Rome, can take the opportunity to visit monuments and museums in a town which is itself the biggest and best open air museum in the world. Checking the following list you could find the best places in Rome


Program and schedule

The Social Weekend has officially begun on the evening of Friday 24th of October, with a cocktail/dinner party at Villa Taverna, the magnificent Residence of the US Ambassador to Italy. Host Ms Kathleen Doherty, Deputy Chief of Mission to Italy (and Chargé d'Affaires ad interim)


Mr. de Lama attended the event

The new President of the Eisenhower Fellowships was in Rome for the third EF Social Weekend

Dear Giuseppe,
With great pleasure I write to accept your kind invitation to attend the Eisenhower Fellowships European Regional meeting in Rome from October 24-26 [...]

Dear George,
It is a very great pleasure to have, next fall in Rome, the new Eisenhower Fellowships President, in one of his first visits to the many countries in wich EF is active [...]

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Registered participants

List of registered participants at the Third EF Social Weekend

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